We integrate and customize Oracle EPM software solutions

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM)

We are using Oracle Hyperion Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to design and implement customized solutions since HFM version 9.3

This has propelled us to know this technology inside and out at an unparalleled level. For extending the versatility and business use of HFM, we have even created a complementary software we have named Financial Agility for HFM.

You will be amazed what we can do for your HFM!

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Transfer Pricing for Hyperion (TPH)

Transfer Pricing for Hyperion (TPH) fully integrates with Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) and builds upon it by using the same data and automating transfer pricing calculation process. Transfer Pricing for Hyperion (TPH) is an innovating Transfer Pricing software that forms the foundation of an effective transfer pricing calculation strategy. It allows the definition of the transfer pricing rules, their deployment among related companies, execution of financial formulas, and automation of all transfer pricing calculation processes. The system generates end-to-end execution reporting meeting even the most stringent regulatory requirements.

Financial Agility for Oracle HFM (Add-On)

As fathers of Financial Agility for HFM, we provide ultimate expertise in building high performance custom applications using this technology.

Whichever finance, management accounting, data transformation, application migration, restructuring or calculation and automation needs you may have, we are sure of delivering substantial value with our blend of best-in-class technology and C-level domain expertise.

It is worthwhile having a look at our use cases. For more information, ask a personalized demo here: DemoMeFAforHFM@pebbleage.com

Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision

Solves data and process challenges faced by Corporate Tax Departments is our goal. This first-of-its-kind tax reporting solution that integrates directly with the broader financial reporting process in HFM is a unique selling proposition. Our approach and expertise in building solutions for corporate tax can make the difference and leverage our in-depth knowledge of the underlying technology (HFM).

  • Reduce manual efforts around data and metadata integration
  • Increase time spent on modeling and analysis
  • Track and monitor late adjustments
  • Reduce exposure and risk

Oracle Hyperion Strategic Planning (HSF)

Our first love story with Hyperion! Since Hyperion’s takeover of the famous Alcar solution, implementing Prof. A. Rappaport's shareholder value model (2003), we are on the go for implementing HSF in many different business cases.

To name but a few:

  • Corporate Finance framework
  • Long-range planning
  • Driver based economic modeling (population downstream)
  • Corporate Tax Planning
  • Corporate development (M&A, divestitures)
  • Treasury strategies (debt & capital structuring)
  • Tax options & scenarios
  • Value based management

For more information, ask a personalized demo here: HSF@pebbleage.com

Oracle Hyperion Profitability & Cost Management (HPCM)

Oracle Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management provides actionable insights into costs and profitability. It drives business performance by discovering the drivers of cost and profitability and empowering users to improve resource alignment. Oracle Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management leverages Oracle Essbase for faster, more powerful multi-dimensional analysis.