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Planning - Replace your outdated spreadsheet systems and move to multidimensional, driver-based re-forecasting processes. You can plan iteratively, cut cycle times and ensure data integrity.

Planning is a Web-based budgeting and planning solution that drives collaborative, event-based operational planning processes throughout the organization for a wide range of financial and operational need. Planning provides a comprehensive approach for the complete and closed-loop planning process that drives continuous business improvement.

Oracle Hyperion Planning

Oracle Hyperion Planning
Planning is optimized for any operational planning application and is designed for companies seeking a solution that provides:
Real-time planning
Dynamic forecasting
Event-driven reallocation of resources
Some of the benefits that can be derived by using Planning:
Opportunities for improved Business Performance
Event-Driven planning and faster decision making throughout the organization
Provides collaboration, communication and consensus
Creating comprehensive, meaningful plans
Greater individual and organizational accountability
Easy to use and deploy
More efficient budgeting, planning, and forecasting