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Essbase - Speed of thought performance and powerful calculation engine enable your knowledge workers to interactively analyze and more effectively manage business performance.

Oracle Essbase

Essbase OLAP Server is a technology platform optimised to support many different categories of existing and emerging analytic applications. As the underlying online analytical processing (OLAP) software technology, Essbase organises and presents data along familiar business dimensions – such as products, customers, geographies, time periods and many more – and enables end-users to view and explore that data intuitively. Essbase simply turns data into actionable information to help companies drive better business decisions.

Oracle Hyperion Essbase
Powerful analytics
Rich functionality, including more than 250 sophisticated algorithms out-of-the-box, attributes, multi-user write-back, procedural logic, and custom-defined functions and macros to enable businesses to leverage deep insight from their Business Performance Management applications.
Massive Scalability
Features such as cross-platform support, database partitioning, distributed processing, and the ability to combine both relational and multi-dimensional data storage enable Essbase to support communities as large as tens of thousands of users, while accessing massive volumes of information.
Superior Performance
Parallel processing, caching, direct I/O and other features enable Essbase to deliver superior load, calculate, query and update performance for enterprise wide deployments. End users benefit from speed-of-thought query response even when performing the most sophisticated analytics.
Easy Manageability
Features such as graphical interfaces, process automation and reusable dimensions, hierarchies and business rules enable Essbase to deliver an environment that offers the control and cost efficiency of centralization, while enabling departments and business units latitude in how resources are used.
Robust Security
Tight control of user access down to the individual cell level enables Essbase to safeguard sensitive information. Group-and role-based security models provide flexibility in allowing users access to the information they need to drive breakthrough performance.