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Financial Management - Hyperion Financial Management is a Web-based, enterprise-scale financial management and reporting solution with powerful multidimensional analysis capabilities.

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management

This centralized approach to comprehensive financial management unifies all decision-makers, leading to faster business cycle times, improved decision-making and greater company agility to help manage the bottom line.

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management

Designed for enterprise wide Web deployment, Hyperion Financial Management offers a superior return on investment by acting as a shared financial resource and single version of the truth for thousands of users so they can collaborate and cooperate in the day-to-day management of the business. In the same application, they can produce auditable reports for regulatory bodies, financial analysts and stakeholders.

Reduce consolidation, close, and reporting cycles by days or weeks-deliver more timely results both internally and externally
Cut the costs of compliance and deliver a single version of the truth via the Web that improves internal and external transparency
Conduct in-depth analysis of key performance and operational metrics easily
Discover new sources of profitability and cash flow by company, product, brand and customer segment
Realize new benefits quickly with packaged financial intelligence functionality that integrates with and complements existing IT investments
Add other capabilities from a comprehensive suite of Business Performance Management applications as your needs and budget dictate