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Enterprise Reporting

Microsoft Enterprise Reporting Overview

Financial Consolidation Platform
Microsoft Business Solution Enterprise Reporting is a powerful platform for building management and legal consolidation solution tailored to your needs.
It takes advantage of a fully multidimensional model, which enforces a single version of the truth, still allowing to multiple analysis capabilities.

Built in consolidation capabilities
Enterprise reporting provides built in consolidation logic, including:
- Multi-currency conversion functionality
- Consolidation of financial data (full consolidation, proportional consolidation,…)
- Intra-Group elimination logic
- Adjustment entry

Web Based data entry and Reporting
Data collection and reporting can directly be executed through the Web Extension interface, without any installation required on the remote site.

OLAP extension
Create OLAP cubes based on Microsoft Enterprise Reporting dimensions, hierarchical structures, and data with an easy-to-use wizard and remotely access cube data through any Microsoft Analysis Services-compatible viewer.

A flexible consolidation package
The underlying model is published, so that custom developments and add-ons could be used in conjunction with Enterprise Reporting for enhanced automation and process efficiency.
An example of that is an allocation module developed by PebbleAge for one of its customer.

To read more about Enterprise Reporting on the Microsoft web site, please click here